Import Bond Application

Import Bond application (aka Continuous Import Bond).      For Non-resident / Foreign company applying for Bond (click here)
Bond's are REQUIREMENT by Customs, for all Importer (ISF & Entry),  Vessel//Carrier (Loader/Unloader),  Forwarder (Issuer BL & AN) & Etc

After submitting, IF submissionis pre-approved, you will be receiving, POA, App & Invoice ($876.33), within 24 hours.

  1. Continuous Bond could be active within 3-5 working (after receiving).
  2. Payment, Check (personal/ company) or Wire (info will be given with Invoice), No credit-card for security issues.
  3. Bond's are REQUIREMENT by Customs // Agencies for all Importer (ISF & Entry), Vessel/Carrier, issuer of Bill-of-Lading (BL)/ Arrival-Notice (AN) /Air-Way-Bill (AWB), Warehouse, Port/Terminal, Loader/ Unloader, Trucker & Etc.
  4. Most of foreign & international shipping are handle by supplier (except our domestic), Otherwise, you maybe involved with Foreign Export department (Government, Loader & Etc).
  5. Other reasons your supplier to export for you (click here).
  6. Fyi: As owner of Car, you're RESPONSIBLE for all traffic law (not the seller). As owner of cargo, you're RESPONSIBLE for all import law (not your supplier, nor anyone)
  7. Fyi: Don't expect Foreign-person (supplier/ seller/ shipper) in Foreign-Country to know OUR Import-Laws, nor to advise/help you with our Domestic-Laws. For more details (click here)